Drug Cases

A guilty plea on a drug arrest as simple as Unlawful Possession of Marijuana can result in a sacrifice of..

Appellate Law

After a guilty verdict and even sometimes after a plea of guilty you may have options. A Notice of Appeal..

Traffic Law

Even a simple traffic ticket or traffic infraction can have a negative effect on your driver’s license, insurance and in..

Family Law

Divorces, custody cases, family court, child support, separation agreements are all considered to be Family Law cases. These cases have..

Child Abuse

Nothing could be more devastating than being accused of abusing and/or neglecting your child. Whether it be in Criminal Court..

Sex Crimes

Sexual assault, rape, sex abuse, forcible touching, even being accused of a sex crime may have lifelong effects. The Police..

Criminal Law

If you are charged with a violation, misdemeanor or felony you are in the criminal law system. If you are..